Butternut Bend Baking Co. was established with love in August of 2021 by Lyndsi Barnes, who grew up in the Central Valley of California with an abundance of fresh produce at her fingertips. Lyndsi started baking with her grandma as a child and has never stopped. The first pie she ever made with her grandma was strawberry glaze. She fondly remembers driving to the strawberry fields to buy a flat from the side of the road. The strawberries were enormous, juicy, and slightly warm from the sun. Lyndsi continues to honor that family tradition of handmade bakes with locally sourced and unforgettable ingredients. 

The Butternut

Lyndsi has served for many years as a librarian while making her delectable pies for family and friends on special occasions and weekend gatherings. The demand was so great that she decided to expand her pie-baking enterprise to the public! Lyndsi enjoys making people happy with her pies and thinks about baking as both an art and a science. 


A dedication to Vermont:

“I lived and baked in tiny kitchens in Brooklyn, NY, for fifteen years until I made the decision in March of 2020 to pack up my family, including two young toddlers, and everything we had in search of temporary sanctuary in Vermont, but what we were really doing was coming home.”

-Lyndsi Barnes